DriveClub Director Addresses Rubber Banding Claims, More Server Improvements Coming This Weekend

One of the issues Dan highlighted in his review of DriveClub was how the AI “will randomly gain the ability to pass you up like you are stuck in the wrong gear when you are going flat-out on a straight away — even when in the same car, which is a trait usually referred to as ‘rubber-banding’.”

This observation goes against previous comments made by DriveClub Game Director Paul Rustchynsky, who said prior to launch, “The AI cannot cheat. If you’re better than them you can get way ahead. Good luck doing that on legendary AI though.”

Now that the game is out, Rustchynsky was once again asked about rubber-banding, saying:

The AI cannot cheat, and will never artificially catch up to you! They will slow down a little though if you get to far behind.

Some cars are faster than others, and the AI will look for an opportunity to overtake when the player names a mistake.

Paul then addressed many other DriveClub questions through his Twitter account:

  • With the full game and PlayStation Plus upgrade version launching in the UK tomorrow, the Season Pass should also be available at the same time on the PlayStation Store.
  • While you should now be able to pre-load the game in the UK ahead of its midnight launch, the extra cars reportedly aren’t downloading properly. Paul says, “Store team are still working flat out to resolve the problems.”
  • After being questioned about the diagnostics going on now, Paul replied, “We’ve been running diagnostics since release but we do this on dev servers first.”
  • Why is the music turned off by default? “Because the engines are the soundtrack.”
  • They’re looking to address issues of unlocked cars disappearing when offline.
  • The missing Mercedes GT DLC is being addressed.
  • Why is there no clutch or shifter support? “DriveClub was never intended to be a simulator.”
  • With the servers not allowing everyone in, what stats won’t sync? “We’re targeting to sync all stats, but we can’t make promises just yet.”

The DriveClub Twitter account also replied to some questions:

  • “No timeframe yet [for when everyone will be able to play DriveClub] but we’re testing a server update now, so will know more from results. Expect improvements before & over the [weekend].”
  • “The server performance limit is pretty complex due to the game’s social connectivity. We’re still working on it.”
  • “The servers went live over a week ago, then this problem started [Tuesday]. We’re working to fix ASAP.”
  • “The servers are worldwide.”

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