Evolution: We Ran a DriveClub Beta “And None of These Issues Occurred”

Prior to DriveClub launching, developer Evolution Studios held a private – almost secret – beta for the game. With all the major issues plaguing DriveClub’s servers since release, Game Director Paul Rustchynsky was sent messages through Twitter about why the game was released without ensuring it played properly.

As Paul revealed, Evolution believed everything would run smoothly following the beta:

We ran a beta test and none of these issues occurred, we had confidence everything was ready. These issues were unexpected.

When someone pointed to the seemingly small scale of the beta, Paul clarified:

We did run large scale synthetic load tests with tens of thousands of concurrent users and the tests were successful.

In order to help address the issues in DriveClub, all 120 people working at Evolution Studios are “working round the clock to fix things.”

More news regarding the status of DriveClub’s server problems should be coming later today via the studio’s Facebook page.

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