Game of Thrones Episode 1: Iron From Ice Release Dates Revealed

Giving us a little more time to prepare than they did with episode 1 of Tales From the Borderlands, Telltale Games announced the release dates for Game of Thrones Episode 1: Iron From Ice:

PlayStation 4

  • North America – December 2
  • Europe – December 3

PlayStation 3

  • North America  – December 9
  • Europe – December 10 (they say December 9, but the Store updates on Wednesdays)

For other platforms, PC gets the game on December 2, while Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners get it on December 3, and iOS on December 4. An Android release date is still TBA.

There was no mention of any sort of release on PlayStation Vita.

As a reminder, Game of Thrones will be different than previous Telltale Games Series’, featuring six episodes instead of the usual five.

A launch trailer for Iron From Ice is set to appear on Monday, December 1.

[Source: Telltale Games (Twitter 1, 2, 3)]

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