PlayStation Experience – Skytorn Announced for PS4, Check the Teaser Trailer Now

During the PlayStation Experience one of the games announced in a flurry was Skytorn, a procedurally-generated action/exploration set in the sky.

Over on the US PlayStation Blog, Canadian developer Noel Berry went into detail on the game’s development, as well as give a primer on the title’s story.

Skytorn is a procedurally generated adventure / exploration game, set in the skies of a post-apocalyptic world. Our goal is to make a platform adventure game that is focused very heavily on combat, control, and exploration. We want the world to feel alive and dangerous, and let the player traverse it in interesting ways. Every time you play, you’ll discover a whole new island in the sky, with new dungeons and challenges to explore and overcome.

Here are some story info straight from Berry:

Skytorn takes place in a crumbling and decaying world in the sky. Survivors hold on to the remnants of technology left behind by the fading old society, searching for clues to reunite what was lost. Forgotten dungeons deep within the islands of the sky, now overrun with dark and dangerous creatures, hold the secrets to what once was.

You play as a traveller who uses her trusty shovel to dig through terrain and fight off hostile creatures. As you roam the island you will discover new enchantments for your shovel, such as one that electrifies your enemies, and another that creates solid ground where you swing. Dig deep enough and you’ll uncover the treacherous dungeons. A small outpost clings to the surface of the island where the survivors may help you prepare before adventuring into the depths.

No release date has been revealed for Skytorn, but we’ll make sure to let you know once that info is available.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]