Jamestown Plus Trophy List Revealed, Will Feature a Platinum

Jamestown Plus is launching next week, and it looks like the vertically scrolling Steampunk game will feature a Platinum Trophy.

Yep, even though the upcoming title will be only $10.79 for PlayStation Plus members next week thanks to Sony’s Spring Fever 2015 promotion, fans will be able to obtain a total of 28 Trophies, one of which is a Platinum. From the looks of it, most Trophies can be obtained by either scoring a certain number of points or completing certain levels, which seems pretty straightforward.

The 28 Trophies include the four that can be obtained by playing through the shoot em’ up game’s DLC content, which is assumedly included in Jamestown Plus. Which Trophies will you be trying to get next week when the title launches for the PlayStation 4?

[Source: Exophase]