Grand Theft Auto Patch 1.09 Seemingly Improves PS4 Performance, but Downgrades Graphics

March 30, 2015Written by Mark Labbe

Grand Theft Auto V‘s patch 1.09 is currently out, but it seems to be a bit controversial. According to an analysis and a comparison video done by the Digital Foundry team that looks at the PlayStation 4 version of the game, the patch does improve frame-rate and overall performance, but it also decreases GTA V‘s visual quality.

 If you take a look at the above video, which compares patch 1.02 with patch 1.09, you’ll notice the lag that plagued players when they drove around in heavy traffic is pretty much gone. Lag during other parts of the game is also reduced, making the whole experience a lot smoother.

However, the video and the analysis point to the loss of parallax occlusion mapping, which can make certain textures look lousier than the same textures found in versions of GTA V without the patch. Whether or not you will even notice the difference while playing is debatable, but the visual downgrade is still a bummer. Have you noticed any differences while playing GTA V?

[Source: Digital Foundry (YouTube) via Eurogamer]