Star Ocean 5? Japanese Leaks & Blogs Think So (a tri-Ace Joint)

There’s a rule on the internet, regarding Square Enix countdowns and announced announcements:


This time, however, might prove to be the exception. According to leaks, the “Star” teaser put up a few days ago may actually turn out to be the obvious choice, a Star Ocean game, much to the surprise of this fool below:


What a doofus.


According to this PlayStation-centric blog, the story takes place on a planet 6,000 light years from Earth and has the themes of “Integrity and Faithlessness.”

The protagonist’s name is Fedel Kamuse (may be romanized differently. It’s フェデル・カミューズ in Japanese). He’s good at swordsmanship and protects his village. The leading lady is ミキ・ソーヴェスタ (Mickey Sovesta? Sorvesta? Could go either way) a childhood friend of the protagonist who sees him as a brother.

The third character is a young girl named Lilia who has lost her memories and feelings. The story was written by Stereo McTypeson and — nah, I’m lying now. But wow.

Development is said to be by tri-Ace, despite tri-Ace having been acquired by mobile developer Nepro in February. The expressed intent was for the company to focus on mobile games, but Star Ocean 5 is allegedly for PS3 and PS4. The source lists Shuichi Kobayashi as the producer. The director is listed as Hiroshi Ogawa, who was a writer for Star Ocean III.

Square Enix’s official announcement is set for tomorrow. Everything coming forward now is leaks and speculation based on those leaks, so we can’t count our Star Oceans before they’ve hatched. The bigger Japanese news sources are silent on the issue, which usually means they’re under some sort of embargo. More to come.