DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition Release Date Confirmed for Tomorrow, June 25

Following the premature launch yesterday, Sony and developer Evolution Studios have confirmed that the DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition is releasing on June 25 in North America and Europe through the PlayStation Store.

In a blog post, Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida revealed that they’ll be slowly rolling out online functions for the PS+ Edition to ensure a smooth launch:

Starting on Thursday, all PlayStation Plus members can download DriveClub PS Plus Edition and begin playing the offline mode. Also starting Thursday, we will be rolling out online access to the DriveClub PS Plus Edition and will steadily bring more and more players online while continuously ensuring that all game systems are running smoothly. We know that this might be frustrating after your extra wait already, but hope you can understand that we are taking extra precautions to protect your experience when you do get online. We want to make sure we don’t overload the servers as we invite millions of PS Plus members to download the game tomorrow.

We have to take this precaution because Driveclub connectivity is demanding for a multiplayer game, with countless ever-growing social connections across clubs, challenges, multiplayer, and hundreds of thousands of dynamic leaderboards and activity feeds.

As for the DriveClub companion app and private lobbies, those will be added to the game later.

Here’s everything included with the PS+ Edition, according to the PlayStation Store:

  • Every DriveClub feature: from online multiplayer matches and challenges, to offline solo racing, Tour events, customization, replays, Photo Mode and more.
  • The option to create your own races with full control over the time of day and the weather.
  • Access to all 13 tracks in India, one of six locations in DriveClub.
  • 15 cars for your garage.
  • A full set of 27 PlayStation trophies, including the precious Platinum.

Roughly a 15GB download for the main game, DriveClub also requires you to download about 10GB in updates in order to play online.

Published in October 2014, here’s everything we knew about DriveClub at the time:

How excited are you for the PS+ Edition?

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