The Witcher 3 New Game+ Mode “May Happen,” Says CD Projekt

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been receiving large patches and free DLC for a while now, but fans still want to know if the game will be getting a New Game+ mode anytime soon. On the official CD Projekt RED forums, NA Community Manager “TheEvilChris” explained that it “may happen.”

He mentioned that while “there is definitely no word on it happening currently,” CD Projekt “is aware” that the mode is wanted, and fans should “politely keep asking for it.”

Absolutely. I am not saying there is NO possibility you will ever see New Game +. The dev team is aware it has been requested and they like to keep fans happy when possible. However, as you can see by patch 1.07, there are other things being worked on as well. There are still 2 free DLCs (after this week’s Ciri alt costume), there are patches still being worked on and there is the Expansion Pass material being developed. It may happen, it may not happen, but there is definitely no word on it happening currently.

There was a lot of speculation that you would see NG+ in patch 1.07 and it didn’t happen. Some were disappointed by this. I recommend you politely keep asking for it, but don’t expect it. Then, if it should ever happen, you’ll be happy. But if it doesn’t happen for a while, you won’t keep being disappointed.

While waiting for a definitive answer on the possibility of the The Witcher 3 mode, you might want to check out today’s new free DLC, or take a look at what the upcoming paid DLC will hold.

[Source: CD Projekt RED via Geek Snack]