Idea of Transferring Call of Duty Multiplayer Profiles Between Games Has “Come up a Lot” but Is Difficult to Implement

It’s no surprise that avid Call of Duty players have asked whether it’s possible to transfer their multiplayer profiles from one game to the next. Black Ops 3‘s design director, David Vondahar, has said that while this idea has “come up a lot,” it’s not something that can be implemented easily and would require planning on a higher level. According to GamesRadar, Vondahar said:

When it comes to franchise planning there’s always a conversation. I can only speak from the perspective of the Treyarch studio because I don’t work at the other studios on the Call Of Duty games. I don’t have [access] into that level of planning. Certainly it’s come up a lot.

Vondahar went on to explain that each Call of Duty game is different in terms of multiplayer progression and leveling, which would make the transfer challenging.

The truth is that the games are so different, from a progression point of view, from a levelling point of view, that the translation layer between games, when I studied it… Like, ‘okay, if you were an Advanced Warfare guy and you had Prestiged, what can I do for you?’ It’s hard to make the mental map because the game’s levelling systems – while similar – the content’s different.

Vondahar believes that only thing the studios can “reasonably do” is fast track people in an attempt to carry their progress over, but even that wouldn’t work too well. 

If you fast tracked them through the levelling then they’re not going to have the actual growth curve that they need to be successful as a player. Because all that stuff is carefully planned, from level 1 to level 2, all the way to 55: it’s very deliberate how long that takes, what’s involved and what you’re getting at every step of the way. It’s all very deliberately planned. So if you just show up and I fast track you through that, then you might actually have a worse experience playing Black Ops 3 because you didn’t have the experience of learning.

Do our readers think it might be possible to carry multiplayer profiles from one game to another? Let us know.

[Source: GamesRadar]