Star Wars Battlefront Alpha Files Reveal Weapons, Modes and More

In case you didn’t know, a select number of PC gamers had the fortunate chance to try out DICE’s upcoming Star Wars shooter in the Star Wars Battlefront alpha.

Fortunately for PlayStation fans, even if the alpha test wasn’t available on the PS4, the files for the Battlefront alpha client got mined and revealed more in-game details, which has been rounded up below. Now, before you dive in below, it’s important to note that the stuff listed are from an alpha version, and won’t necessarily mean that they will be available in the final game, or if they will keep the same names.

Got that? Good. Here we go.

Game Modes and Player Counts:

Name Supremacy

Player Count 40

Name WalkerAssault

Player Count 40

Name DropZone

Player Count 16

Name Team DeathMatch

Player Count 40

Name Cargo

Player Count 12

Name Fighter Squadron

Player Count 20

Name Hero Hunt

Player Count 10

Name Domination

Player Count 16

Additionally, the files also mention another mode called “Drop Zone” that points to a mode where a drop pod needs to be captured and protected, before a team can move on to another pod and capture it. 

Weapons Revealed in the Alpha Code:

  • Flashbangs
  • Smoke Grenades
  • Probe Droids
  • Viper Droids(?)


  • DLT20A
  • CA87
  • DL44
  • RT97C
  • SE14C
  • T21

Apparently, there are team or faction-specific guns as well, which players can buy with in-game credits to use on the other team. And before anyone complains about the lack of armaments, remember that this is files from the alpha build and we don’t know if there will be more weapons and guns available in the final game.

Lastly, the data-mined files also reveal that ranking up will unlock new guns, and will go up to least until level 29.

For more on Star Wars Battlefront, make sure to give this video a watch where it shows the Fighter Squadron mode being played on a PS4.

[Source: Reddit via NeoGAF]