Final Fantasy XV Devs “Almost Regretting” Underestimating the Importance of gamescom

It seems that quite a few fans were disappointed by the lack of new information about Final Fantasy XV at gamescom 2015, and Square Enix acknowledges that it wasn’t well prepared for the event. During an interview with GameSpot, Game Director Hajime Tabata said that the developer didn’t exactly realize the importance of gamesom, and is “almost regretting” it. 

We really get the feeling that there are people who are a bit worried. Certainly, from a European perspective, Gamescom is the big event. There are a lot of fans coming to this event expecting big announcements. I’ve come to understand that from coming here. Honestly, we are regretting it, almost. We’re annoyed that we didn’t pick up on how important an event like Gamescom actually is and the expectations people have towards that, and that we couldn’t respond to those expectations by bringing along more important information, or a release date announcement.

Tabata went on to reassure fans that the company has a roadmap laid out until the game’s release, and everything’s on track. The developer knows when it’s going to announce a release date and when it wants to release the game. However, there isn’t much the team can say until PAX Prime. 

Last year, Square Enix said that Final Fantasy XV‘s development was 55 percent complete, but this year, the developer said something along the lines of 65 percent. Clarifying this, Tabata said that numerical values don’t exactly represent reality. 

First of all, I would like to point out that when you try to sum up how much a game has progressed in figures, in a numerical value, normally it doesn’t represent the actual reality of the game that well. That’s a very important predication to my answer. The way we describe it when we think about it internally, is: ‘how long have we got until the mastering of the game.’ We normally talk about percentages toward that timeline.

Speaking of Final Fantasy XV‘s budget, Tabata refuted claims of the title being one of the most expensive games being made. He revealed that Square Enix has a tight control over its budgets, and that Final Fantasy XV‘s budget is nowhere close to the likes of Destiny or Grand Theft Auto V cost-wise. 

Final Fantasy XV is coming to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For more on the upcoming game, click here.

[Source: GameSpot]