PlayStation Vita Settlement Emails Being Sent out Now

A result of the misleading advertising campaign Sony ran for the PlayStation Vita’s Remote Play feature in regards to PlayStation 3 games, as well as 3G online play, those in the United States who purchased a Vita before June 1, 2012 and filled out a claim form are now receiving their settlement.

Posted on NeoGAF, the email explains how you go about redeeming your code for credit or games:

Dear Customer:

We received your Claim Form related to your purchase of a PlayStation Vita handheld game console. Your request for the following benefit has been approved. To retrieve your approved benefit, please log in to your PSN account and use the voucher code listed below.

For instructions regarding the use of the voucher code listed below, please visit Code expires on 2/29/16. If you have any questions concerning this e-mail, your benefit, or the settlement, please contact the settlement administrator at 1-800-410-5484.

VOUCHER CODE: [Removed for obvious reasons]


PlayStation Vita Settlement Administrator

As pointed out in the email, make sure to activate the code before it expires on February 29, 2016.

Did you receive your settlement?

[Source: NeoGAF]