Street Fighter V Roster to Have Four Brand New Characters in Total

While fighting game fans might already be familiar with the newest character revealed to be part of the Street Fighter V roster — Necalli — that’s just the start, as Capcom has confirmed that there will be four brand new characters out of the gate for SFV.

Speaking during the GameStop Expo, Street Fighter Brand Director Matt Dahlgren confirmed that SFV will have 16 fighters in total at launch, with eight classic fighters (Ryu, Chun-Li, etc.), four fighters from previous SF games that haven’t been seen in a while (Nash, R.Mika), and the last four being completely brand new fighters (such as Necalli).

Capcom plans to unveil the remaining three new fighters in the coming months leading up to Street Fighter V’s March release. And before anyone asks, yes, Capcom plans to add more fighters as DLC.

The end result is really going to be a roster that’s unlike Street Fighter 4…It’s got its own unique flavor to it. And if your character didn’t make it in now, we are going to be revealing post-launch characters.

Dahlgren states that Capcom consulted “experts” and conducted a fan poll to see which characters fight fans wanted the most to be in SFV as well.

You can check out the Street Fighter V Collector’s Edition here, or if you want to know how the game plays so far, check out our hands-on preview.

[Source: GameSpot]