Resident Evil Team Focusing on VR, Resident Evil 0 Dev Diary Talks Improved Graphics

Resident Evil 0 won’t be hitting current-gen and last-gen systems until early next year, but Capcom has already released a developer diary video for it. 

In the video, Producer Tsukasa Takenaka and the director of the original Resident Evil 0 game, Koji Oda, talk about the improvements that hit the backgrounds and character models, and show off how much different the game looks now compared to its original counterpart. The video can be seen above.

In other Resident Evil news, Capcom has revealed that its Development Division 1, which is the group behind the Resident Evil franchise, is currently working on a new engine for virtual reality devices.

At present, we are focusing our energy on challenging the virtual reality (VR) game market. In this terrifying world, you can twist and turn as you like, but there’s no escaping the creatures closing in on you…until you remove your VR headset and return to reality, that is. We delivered this very experienced [sic] with our ‘Kitchen’ VR technical demo at E3 2015. The response was excellent. Currently, we are building a new game development engine able to support VR, which is the hottest market right now, while simultaneously developing titles for current game consoles. We have just set sail on our latest voyage.

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[Source: Resident Evil (YouTube), Capcom via GamesIndustry]