Star Wars Battlefront Changes From the Beta to Be Revealed Next Week, More Answered in Q&A

While EA made it very clear that the Star Wars Battlefront beta was a huge success, it wasn’t without flaws. Most shooter fans found a lot of things that needed tweaking, which we’ve also talked about in detail as well.

Curious as to what changes DICE has made from the beta to the final game? Then, you might want to keep an eye out next week as the developer will release the beta feedback update next week according to Star Wars Battlefront Community Manager Matthew Everett. This and a few more questions were answered in a Q&A in the official Battlefront forums.

Q.) Considering all the spawn problems, balancing issues and lack of communication between team mates on Hoth that are very apparent now to the general public, were there testing teams that brought all these issues to your attention earlier on?

A.) Of course, we have had teams testing and playing the final game to highlight the potential of these issues. But without going into too much detail, the Beta was a much older build of the game. That being said, all of the items you point out have been touched in some way or another.

Overall the team did try to carry over as much as we could from the close to final build to put into the Beta, but the goal of the beta was to test the technical aspects of the game. Look for the Beta and Feedback update via a Community Update shortly.

Q.) Has the Beta release actually helped feedback any useful information to you guys for any potential changes or ideas that need addressing that you can discuss with us at this point in time ?

 We learned a lot around the Beta. My next Community Update will provide a list of changes and fixes across the board.

Q.) Are there plans, or at least hopes, to eventually include beasts in a mode?

A.) Who says some of these are not already included in the final game?

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What changes do you want DICE to implement in Battlefront based on the beta? 

In other Battlefront news, the beta was such a success that EA is now upping its forecast for Battlefront from 9-10 million units to 13 million in its first fiscal year.

[Source: Star Wars EA]