Fallout 4 Infinite Death Glitch Discovered

Fallout 4 has all sorts of fun glitches that people are discovering. Some people have already shared ones that break the economy like infinite money and infinite experience, but there’s one infinite glitch that I don’t think you’ll want to recreate (and frankly, I don’t even know how). I present to you, the Fallout 4 infinite death glitch.

I encountered this Fallout 4 bug while playing towards the Brotherhood of Steel ending. Due to being so close to the end, I will purposefully try to remain vague, but certain events necessitates Proctor Ingram to teleport your character to the top of a very tall building in the wasteland. She must have had some algorithms miscalculated or punched in a wrong number, because each time I teleported, I would fall hundreds of feet to my death.

The worst part was that it autosaved just as the teleport completed, so each reload is met with death, after death… after death, an infinite loop showcasing my mortality and solidifying my fear of falling from high places. It reminds me of the series finale of Futurama.

I have two videos here of separate attempts resulting in the same infinite death loop, though I reloaded an old save and had this morbid loop happen a total of five times. Completely exiting the application and loading an older save ended up eventually fixing the issue. 

Be warned, these videos are near the end of the game, so they do contain some spoilers to put the glitch into context. 

Don’t forget to head over to this week’s VOTE and tell us if you’ve encountered a Fallout 4 glitch or two, whether amusing or game-breaking. Despite these bugs, Fallout 4 seems to be doing very well in sales and is very well received critically, which is something the PSLS staff recently discussed.

Just for fun, here’s a Fat Man nuke being used to decimate a Deathclaw.

Are you enjoying your time in the wasteland?