Stable 60fps Deemed a “Minimum” for PlayStation VR, Sony Pushing For 90fps as Standard

When it comes to PlayStation VR, Sony is reportedly pushing developers to aim for 90fps as standard to allow for a smooth and seamless experience, with 60fps considered as “a minimum.”

During a talk at the Montreal International Game Summit 2015, the company’s Senior Technical Account Manager, Vernon Harmon, outlined some of the general guidelines behind the head-mounted device. Citing user experience as the primary concern, Vernon warned that “any dropped frames can cause discomfort, not just disruption of presence.”

Sony will be hoping that a consistent 90fps coupled with the hardware’s refresh rate will mitigate side effects such as motion sickness, though such a threshold will likely be decided on a title by title basis. Guerrilla Cambridge’s VR shooter Rigs, for example, will likely differ from the PSVR version of The Playroom.

On paper, PlayStation VR is capable of rendering games in 120fps, though such a taxing output will naturally have an effect on the visuals. Will Sony nail down 90fps as a sort of happy medium? 


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