Scuf 4PS Pro Review – Premium Controller Customization

Scuf Gaming has been around for years now, bringing premium gaming products to competitive gamers in the eSports scene, and also to the more hardcore players at home. Today we’re taking a look at the latest PlayStation 4 custom pad, the 4PS Pro.

Bells and Whistles

So what makes the Scuf 4PS Pro controller so special? Well, firstly the design. The pad I have here is of the “Digital Camo Red” variety, with black buttons. There’s a load of different themes available, ranging from solid colors and chromatic options, to those tailored for fans of specific eSports teams and other internet personalities. Scuf offers something for everyone.

Then there’s the newly redesigned paddles on the back, which each mimic a traditional button’s function. This means that more complex manoeuvres are easier to pull off, like jumping while simultaneously adjusting your aim in a first-person shooter. No longer do players wanting to employ this tactic have to resort to an uncomfortable “claw grip” technique. The 4PS Pro’s paddles make use of what were once redundant fingers, without sacrificing comfort.


If a controller is purchased with the “Electro-Magnetic Remapping” option selected, the paddles’ functions can be reassigned using the supplied Scuf Mag Key. It’s incredibly simple to do, and impressive that this level of customization is available to users without breaking open the pad to have a mess about inside. It’s very clean, easy, and works a treat.

The controller Scuf sent me still has the rumbles included, but there is the option to remove them from the triggers making the overall product lighter if desired. This is said to translate to less fatigue during long gaming sessions. However, I like a bit of weight to my PS4 pads, and enjoy the feedback during intense single-player games.

The Scuf Pro Grip, seen here in red, uses a soft, rubber-like material which feels great. 4PS Pro controllers come standard with the grey grip, but white, green, red, and blue options are also available. It makes a nice change from the smooth, slippery surface of the standard DualShock 4, and gets a thumbs up from me.


Speaking of thumbs, let’s talk thumbsticks. Each stick on the 4PS Pro can be customized individually with a concave or domed design, which come in black or white colors. For those who are fond of a longer thumbstick, perhaps usually achieved with a product like KontrolFreeks, Scuf allows for a taller stick height to be selected. My controller came equipped with a pair of black medium length domed thumbsticks, which are a huge improvement over the standard type.

The feature I was most sceptical about prior to the review was the Control Disc, as it just looked bizarre when previewed on the Scuf Gaming website. However, I’m happy to report that it looks great in real life. The Control Disc offers a fully removable alternative to the d-pad, ideal for racing and fighting games. I tested it in Need for Speed, Mortal Kombat X, and Race the Sun and it performed well.


Premium Price for Premium Device

With prices starting $119.95 for the standard black model with minimal features, the 4PS Pro is quite the investment. The design and configuration I’ve got here would set you back just over $200 to order, so you can see how the added costs can really stack up.

A good way to put this price into perspective is to look at the official Xbox One Elite Controller, as it rocks a $150 price tag, and boasts a similar feature set. It’s also worth noting that Scuf Gaming is actually the exclusive third-party accessories partner for the Xbox One Elite pad, so Microsoft clearly trusts them with their high-end hardware.

If you fancy a 4PS Pro controller but the price is just too steep, Scuf Gaming’s “Send In Your Own” service allows for a standard DualShock 4 pad to be sent in and customized for $49.95.


Extra Extras

As well as custom pads, Scuf Gaming also offers several gaming accessories and “enhancements” available for players who want to take things to the next level. I was sent over a case which grants a nice bit of protection while traveling to gaming events or friends’ houses. I’ve also been using a 10ft braided charging cable, which feels like it will last a long time. The final add-on I was sent was the Gamer Grip, a very curious product indeed. At first the minty odour and recommended “pea-sized drop” had me feeling like I was just squirting toothpaste onto my hands… However, after rubbing it into my skin, I could definitely notice the antiperspirant properties working their magic.

Is this product, along with the others I’ve listed, worth the $12.95 asking price? I’d say yes to the case, but no to the braided cable and Gamer Grip, unless you’re particularly careless with your charging wires or get exceptionally sweaty palms.

The Verdict

Back to the 4PS Pro controller then, and my recommendations. For the more casual gamers, who perhaps don’t feel the need to top the leaderboard in every multiplayer game they play, the 4PS Pro may be a little overkill. However, for the keener players out there looking to advance their game, Scuf Gaming will provide that added advantage in style, with their high quality, best of the best, peripherals.

The 4PS Pro looks great and is a joy to use. Some features, like the paddles and longer thumbsticks, stand out as must-haves. Pricing, at first glance, may raise eyebrows, but the ability to send a controller in to cut the price in half is a welcome save.

Scuf 4PS Pro review unit was provided to PlayStation LifeStyle by Scuf Gaming for the purposes of this review. For more information, please see our Review Policy here. 

You can learn more about the Scuf 4PS Pro on Scuf Gaming’s website here.