Big Street Fighter V Beta Update on PS4 Suggests Another Test Is Coming Soon

Spotted by EventHubs, Street Fighter V Beta update 1.08 went live yesterday on PlayStation 4, taking up nearly 3.2GB.

According to the singular patch note, update 1.08 is an “overall renewal for next Beta Test.” With Street Fighter V scheduled to release on February 16 for PS4 and PC, expect this new test to happen fairly soon.

The last time Capcom updated the beta, it took two weeks for the next test, where they let you play as Ryu, Birdie, Cammy, Necalli, Nash, Laura, and others in a number of modes. Capcom also handed out invite codes so your friends could join in.

When Capcom announces dates for the next beta test, we’ll let you know.

Named as one of the exclusives “that make PS4 the best place to play in 2016,” Street Fighter V appears as though it will carry “PS4 console exclusive game” branding when it hits retail stores next month.

[Source: EventHubs]