Star Wars Battlefront Double XP, Need for Speed Bonus Rep Happening This Weekend

Two EA games are holding special events this week, including Need for Speed, which is giving you bonus rep from February 12 – 14.

For Star Wars Battlefront, DICE offered up a Community Mission last week with a goal of 3 million Challenges needing to be completed, and the community surpassed it by completing 4.35 million Daily Challenges. As the reward, there will be a 2X Bonus Weekend running from February 12 through Sunday, February 14.

Asked for clarification on the Star Wars Battlefront double XP weekend, the official Twitter account said, “Credits earned are based off your XP score, so double score means double Credits!”

The next Battlefront Community Mission begins February 16 and will involve Princess Leia.

DICE and EA recently previewed the upcoming DLC for Star Wars Battlefront, which includes the first expansion, Outer Rim, in March 2016, and a game update this month that includes a new Survival Mission on Hoth, a new Hoth multiplayer map, and Turning Point being made available on all maps that currently support Walker Assault and Supremacy.

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