The Division Servers Offline for Scheduled Maintenance Today, March 15

For the scheduled weekly maintenance this week, Ubisoft revealed that The Division servers will be going offline today, March 15, at 1am PT/4am ET/9am CET. The downtime should last for approximately three hours, with updates on the maintenance posted in this thread.

Ubisoft also addressed the “force unlock” message people received on March 11 during a server outage, warning of lost progress:

About the “restore save” message:

Confirming this message will lead to a data loss of up to 10 minutes.

If you acquired something valuable that you do not want to loose in your last 10 minutes of gameplay before the outage, you can choose to not proceed further and wait a little longer, until the latest save of your character is restored when all servers are back online (which should be in a few minutes).

Additionally, they’re investigating an issue with the medical wing tutorial where the game says you still need to do it, even after completion.

In our review of The Division, we said, “[It’s] something special that’s never really been done before in games, and while I don’t expect perfection from such a bold experiment, I’m impressed with what they have been able to pull off so far.”

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