Quantic Dream Teasing Something for Tomorrow

While Quantic Dream showed off Detroit Become Human during Sony’s E3 press conference, it seems the studio isn’t done surprising gamers just yet.

Over on the official Quantic Dream Twitter, the studio mentions that it will do a tweet announcement tomorrow at 6 p.m. PT, which is, according to the studio, will be “a surprise.”

Will it be the release date for Detroit? I highly doubt it. Maybe a new gameplay video? Maybe. But if I would hazard a guess, maybe it’s a PS4 theme, pre-order bonus or something to that effect. Nonetheless, an announcement is still an announcement, so we’ll be sure to report on it tomorrow once we know more.

What are you expecting from Quantic Dream tomorrow? Or are you expecting nothing at all just so you won’t be disappointed?

[Source: Quantic Dream (Twitter)]