Furi out on July 5 for PS4 & PC

All-boss combat-action game Furi will be released on July 5 for PlayStation 4 and PC, The Game Bakers announced today.

Featuring character design by Afro Samurai creator Takashi Okazaki, Furi sees you going up against a variety of bosses using hand-to-hand and gun-battle combat, with the description adding:

Furi is fast-paced, and requires great timing, reflexes and judgment. With immediately responsive controls, players must attack and counter, finding the right strategy for each boss they confront. And each of the formidable “guardians” has a distinct, surprising combat style requiring gamers’ absolute focus, skill, and split-second timing to defeat them.

Furi will cost $24.99.

In our E3 2016 preview, we said, “It is already obvious that Furi is not for everyone. There’s nothing wrong with this, of course. A game that tests your reflexes like games made in the ‘90s, built with the sensibilities of today’s games, is just begging to be played by masochists, or those looking to better their reflexes.”