Here’s When You Can Play Star Wars Battlefront Bespin DLC for Free

DICE has officially confirmed when players can try the latest piece of DLC for Star Wars BattlefrontBespin  for free. The open trial will begin next month, running from August 19-21.

There will also be a second open trial which will take place the following month, running from September 12-18. The free trial gives players a little time with the second paid expansion for the game, before committing the $15. To participate in the free trial all users must own the base version of the game.

The Bespin DLC launched in June, giving players a new hero and villain character, and 4 new maps set in the cloud city. The third piece of DLC titled Death Star seems to be releasing late Septemeber if the live event calendar is anything to go by. In addition, DICE has also announced that Star Wars Battlefront will be getting Rogue One DLC later this year.

Tomorrow July 20, Star Wars Battlefront will be introducing the brand new Skirmish mode that will allow players to play offline against bots in solo missions — or, alternatively, buddying up with a partner via split-screen.

Are you excited to give the Star Wars Battlefront Bespin DLC a try?

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