Report: Gran Turismo Sport “Around 70 Percent” Complete

Polyphony Digital Game Director Kazunori Yamauchi has reportedly revealed that Gran Turismo Sport is “around 70 percent” complete ahead of its launch in November. 

Speaking with Chinese outlet Sina — as translated by GT Planet — the famed game designer claimed that the development team is “hard at work every day” on Sport, and that the racing simulator has progressed by around a quarter since the London reveal event back in May. 

“We’re hard at work every day, and the game keeps improving daily. The progress during the London reveal was at 50%, and now it’s around 70%. There are still many aspects which can be further improved.”

At the time of writing, Polyphony is around three months (and change) out from the current release date for Gran Turismo Sport. This, coupled with the fact that Sony’s flagship racing series has been prone to delays in the past, has raised concern among fans that Sport will too slip from its initial due date. It’s simply conjecture for now, of course, but we’ll keep you posted nonetheless. 

Gran Turismo Sport is currently penciled in for release on November 15, 2016. 

[Source: GT Planet]