BioShock: The Collection Gameplay Videos Show off the Openings of All Three Titles

In the first of three commentated gameplay videos released today for BioShock: The Collection, 2K takes us through the first 14 minutes of BioShock Remastered, all the way from the plane to Rapture.

In the second video, 2K offers up the first eight minutes of BioShock 2 Remastered, while the third video shows off the first 13 minutes of BioShock Infinite Remastered:

BioShock: The Collection releases on September 13 in North America and September 16 in Europe for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Running at 1080p and up to 60 frames-per-second, The Collection includes all single-player DLC. BioShock 2’s multiplayer, however, isn’t included.

If you’re planning on getting The Collection through a retail store, it’ll be on two discs. If you’re getting it digitally, the download size could be around 70GB.