Guerrilla Games: Resolution Is Really the Only Difference Between HDR on PS4 Pro & PS4

Following the PlayStation Meeting earlier this month, it was reported that just one person is working on Days Gone’s PS4 Pro support, while only two people are working on adding support to inFamous Second Son and inFamous First Light. Speaking with VentureBeat recently, Guerrilla Games Managing Director Hermen Hulst was asked if it will be easy to have a game work on the new model and previous model, and he revealed that they only have one or two technicians looking at the hardware:

Yes. It’s not like we have separate teams working on different versions. We have maybe one or two technicians looking at the specifics of the hardware, but everybody’s making the game. Obviously somebody like JB, as an art director, will specifically look at how we can optimize for HDR, how the image can truly stand out in 4K. But it isn’t something that’s going to split off a second team.

While PS4 Pro’s ability to handle 4K and HDR is “massive” in terms of the visual difference, Hulst says “it’s not massively different in how we make games. Our games have been running HDR since Killzone 3. But only now do we have displays that can actually show that.”

Hulst also talked about how more details about the PS4 Pro will be given in a couple of weeks in a seminar hosted by Mark Cerny:

There’s a lot of magic happening. It’s all very complicated and Mark Cerny has a fantastic seminar planned in a couple of weeks where he goes into the nitty-gritty of it. It’s not native 4K, but as you’ve seen for yourself on the screens, it’s acceptably so. It’s close enough that you can see the difference with normal human eyes.

Hulst wouldn’t say if they’re thinking about adding PS4 Pro support to Killzone Shadow Fall, just that they’re “only working on Horizon Zero Dawn for PS4 Pro. That’s the most ambitious project our studio has ever worked on. We’re very busy with that.”

As for the difference between HDR on PS4 Pro and older PS4s, Hulst said, “The only difference there, really, will be resolution.”

You can learn more about how Horizon Zero Dawn is changing on PS4 Pro by reading the full interview at the link below.

[Source: VentureBeat via WCCFTech]