PS4 Racing Games

PS4 Racing Games – Buyer’s Guide

Despite Polyphony Digital not releasing a Gran Turismo game on PlayStation 4 yet, there are still plenty of different racing games available on the system. Major publishers such as Bandai Namco, Ubisoft and Sony themselves have filled the void by putting out high-profile racing games. Not all of these titles have been great, though, which is why consumers have to be cautious when forking over their hard earned money.

That is why I’ve made a list of what racing games are out, and what titles coming to Sony’s console in the future. After reading my list, you’ll be able to easily decide on what PS4 racing games are right for you. Be it a game with a two-wheeled vehicle or an arcade racing game featuring bears.

Check out our full list below which will give you the 411 on everything you need to know regarding PS4 racing games:

I hope you enjoyed our look at what PS4 racing games are out and coming in the future. It’s a fantastic time to be a racing game fan, and even more games are on the way! New entries in the long-running Gran Turismo and Moto Racer franchises will soon make their PlayStation 4 debuts, so there’s plenty of reason to be excited for the future.

Let me know in the comments what PS4 racing games you are currently playing, and if any of the upcoming titles interest you.

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