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Street Fighter V: Here’s How to Get Urien’s Classic Underpants

Street Fighter V recently received an update, which included the “Vice President of the Illuminati,” Urien. For those who wanted the character in his classic Street Fighter III look i.e. his Speedo, there’s some good news. You can actually strip the fighter down before a match. Yep, check out the video above to see it all in action and find out how to do it.

Simply put, you have to hold light punch, medium kick, and heavy punch buttons during the pre-fight intro and boom! The LP+MK+HP command works for all his costumes.

The update also introduced new environmental knockouts. For those who want to see all of them in action, YouTube user Charles Lupula has put together the video below. Check it out.

For a comprehensive list of what Street Fighter V’s new patch brings, click here. And in case you missed Urien’s character introduction, you can find that here.

[Source: VesperArcade (YouTube) via Shoryuken, Charles Lupula (YouTube)]