Survey Says Xbox One Owners Spend More Time Gaming Than PS4 Owners

The Global Web Index conducted a rather large survey with 17,990 console users. (Is it wrong I want to ask why they couldn’t get another ten?) The consoles of these users varied from across this generation and last to include the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii, and Wii U. The users ranged from ages 16 to 64. All they asked was one simple question after obtaining their console ownership and age information: “Roughly how many hours do you spend playing on games consoles during a typical day?”

The user base with the longest game time per day was actually the Xbox One owners at two hours and 27 minutes. The second longest play time was two hours and 26 minutes from Wii U owners. The PlayStation 4 came in third place with an average of two hours and 15 minutes per day. The bottom three were the Xbox 360 at one hour 58 minutes, PlayStation 3 at one hour 55 minutes, and the Wii at one hour 34 minutes.

The global average of game time per day was 51 minutes.

I wish another question they asked in this survey was what these console owners mostly played so we could see what it was that was keeping them glued to their consoles. Is it Rainbow Six Siege? Is it Halo? Is it Super Mario Maker? Is it Minecraft? These are the hard-hitting questions.

What is your average game time per day?

[Sources: Global Web Index via MyNintendoNews]