Digital PS4 Games

Green Man Gaming Now Selling Digital PS4 Games

Green Man Gaming is a digital retailer that a lot of PC gamers are familiar with, due to the website regularly offering deals on digital games. Now it looks like PlayStation 4 owners will get to experience the same benefits, as the site has announced a partnership with Sony US to allow them to sell digital PS4 games. Currently the deal only allows the retailer to sell US codes, but Green Man Gaming said that they “have plans to expand this partnership to new games and other regions, outside of the USA, in the future.”

The game selection is pretty limited at the moment, as it’s mostly comprised of first-party titles. There are a few third-party games such as Mafia III and Batman: Arkham Knight, though. The line-up will grow over time, so at the very least it’s a solid first step. All of the available games can be seen over at their website.

Paul Sulyok, Founder and CEO of Green Man Gaming, says that deal will help Green Man Gaming achieve its goal of becoming the best digital games retailer in the world. “By offering our customers a wide range of digital games that they can play on their favourite platforms, we’re giving the gaming community the ultimate multi-platform destination to shop, connect and get the best insights online,” said Sulyok in a statement.

This news comes shortly after Green Man Gaming announced a deal to carry Nintendo 3DS and Wii U titles on their site. While that section of the site isn’t fully operational yet, a list of titles can be found. There is also an empty Microsoft section of the site that is viewable, which would suggest that gamers will be able to purchase Xbox One titles sooner rather than later. That would mean that Sulyok is getting closer to achieving his vision for Green Man Gaming.

Digital PS4 games are now available on Green Man Gaming. While currently only US games are available, remember that the PlayStation 4 is region-free, and that players just need to make a North American PSN account to use the codes they sell.

(Source: Green Man Gaming)