Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Multiplayer Available on PS4, New Prestige Details & More

The hype surrounding Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered‘s multiplayer component is mounting, with access opening up on November 4th. At least, that’s when the multiplayer is supposed to become available. Some PS4 players, including us in an attempt to verify this story, can indeed access the multiplayer through the game’s unlocked menu option.

Though we could join matches easily enough, it does seem that some players are having trouble. Fortunately, Twitter user @Digital_Peasant has a tip for those struggling to join in on the nostalgic action.

The game’s “Message of the Day” reads:

Stay Frosty…

Modern Warfare Remastered officially launches on November 4. Day 1 prep is in full swing as we are heads down making final adjustments to launch. In other words, game servers will be intermittent and unavailable at times as we make final adjustments before Friday. Thank you for your patience!

So expect some connection issues throughout the week, and don’t forget that the embargo for all multiplayer content has not yet lifted. Neither streaming nor gameplay videos are permitted.

Access to the multiplayer section has allowed users to view the game’s prestige icons, of which there are 20 in total. This confirms that Modern Warfare Remastered comes with 10 additional prestige levels. With each prestige, players will earn a Prestige Token, which allows for a permanent equipment unlock.


You’re now able to pre-load Infinite Warfare (44.6GB) and Modern Warfare Remastered (37.2GB). Will you be joining the fight this Friday?

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