Gravity Rush 2 Download Size & Trophy List Revealed

With the pre-load now available through the European PlayStation Store, it’s been revealed that Gravity Rush 2 is a 17.13GB download. To start playing Gravity Rush 2, you only need to have 6.31GB downloaded.

By pre-ordering Gravity Rush 2 in Europe, you’ll receive a unique white costume for Kat, a PS4 theme, and the Director’s Choice soundtrack. As one user on Reddit notes though, both the theme and soundtrack are locked until launch day (January 18 in Europe).

If you live in North America and pre-order Gravity Rush 2 through the PlayStation Store, you’ll instantly receive 10 exclusive avatars. You’ll also receive the 9-track soundtrack and the white costume for Kat on launch day. Gravity Rush 2 will unlock at 12am ET on Friday, January 20 in North America.

Thanks to early copies of Gravity Rush 2 going out, the Trophy list has been revealed by Power Up Gaming. There’s two hidden Trophies, a Platinum (titled Ultimate Shifter), and over 30 total Trophies. Here’s some of the highlights (no story spoilers):


  • Gem Collector – Collected 60,000 precious gems
  • Gold Medalist – Completed all challenge missions with gold or better
  • Lifetime Service Award – Completed all side missions


  • Power Kat – Raised all of Kat’s powers to the maximum
  • Kat versus World – Defeated 1,000 enemies
  • Kat Working Overtime – Completed 40 side missions


  • New Challenger – Played a challenge mission
  • Gravity Test – Completed the gravity shifting tutorial

The demo for Gravity Rush 2 is currently available through the PlayStation Store.

In March, a free piece of story DLC starring Raven will become available.

You can read our review of Gravity Rush 2 over here.

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