NieR: Automata Update 1.02 Is 3GB, Free PS4 Themes Now Available

Now that NieR: Automata is available in North America, players have revealed that the day one update (version 1.02) is a 2.955GB download. Full patch notes weren’t given for the update, but one Reddit user warns that you should download it before starting your playthrough:

Just to reiterate something that was discovered back in February – there’s a couple of potential bugs that can occur in the base game files, which can stop you from progressing the main quest chain.

While these were fixed in the original day one patch… and one addressed again to avoid a fresh save… they still persist in the pre-patch Western download files.

Wait until your console has fully completed the game download and has run all of the patches, to avoid these problems.

You can read more about the discovered issues over here.

After downloading the update, you can expect the digital version of NieR: Automata to take up about 48.3GB.

If you like free stuff, two NieR: Automata  static themes for PS4 – Flight Unit Type-B and Flight Unit Type-S – are available on the North American and European PlayStation Stores.

NieR: Automata for PS4 is live in North America, and is coming to Europe on March 10. The PC version will be available on March 17.

You can read our review of NieR: Automata over here.

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