Battlefield 1: DICE Has “Something” Up Their Sleeves for Non-DLC Buyers in Terms of Matchmaking

While developer DICE is almost always commended by players in terms of how much content there is in every Battlefield expansion, one issue that the developer hasn’t addressed all that well is fragmenting the player base from those who have the DLC, and those who don’t.

With Battlefield 1 getting its first (of multiple) expansion, They Shall Not Pass, which is available for Battlefield 1 Premium members, this concern won’t be going away anytime soon.

During our Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass hands-on preview at EA’s studio, we voiced to DICE Art Director Johannes Fors this very concern, and he mentioned that the studio is working on something.

PSLS: How are you going to differentiate between players who have the DLC and those who don’t when it comes to matchmaking?

Johannes Fors: I can’t go into detail, but we have something up our sleeves. We are listening to the community and we know they’re concerned, so that’s why we addressed this issue. There will be something announced soon.

Of course, this “something” could very well be this little nugget where DICE mentions that all players are required to download the update since it will have “several benefits” even for those who don’t own the expansion. For now, the only benefit DICE has made people aware of, is that players who don’t own They Shall Not Pass can watch matches through Spectator Mode.

What do you think would be a good solution for this little conundrum that’s been an issue since last generation?

Battlefield 1’s They Shall Not Pass expansion is already available for BF1 Premium members, and March 28 for everyone else. Don’t forget to check out our full interview with DICE where we talk about They Shall Not Pass, right here.