Someone on CNN Compared Recent “Facebook Live” Murder to First-Person Shooters

If you’ve been following the news at all lately, chances are, you’ll be aware of the disturbing murder of a 74-year old man shared on Facebook. The killer, 37-year old Steve Stephens, decided to upload a video and claimed that he had killed at least a dozen other people.

During CNN’s coverage of the crime, host Brian Stelter actually compared the murder to first-person shooters, prompting widespread condemnation online. A brief clip of the segment was posted on Twitter by user Philip DeFranco, which you can find below.

Do note that the statements were part of a wider conversation but it’s clear that Stelter believes “a lot of young people experience weapons” through video games, particularly first-person shooters, with their controllers.

Because if you think about video games, they’re first-person shooters. People in a game, they have a controller, the gun is in front of them and they’re firing. That is how a lot of young people experience weapons; they experience guns.

Bizarre comparison!

[Source: Philip DeFranco (Twitter) via COGConnected]