Phil Spencer Open to Releasing Microsoft’s Video Game Streaming Service “Mixer” on PlayStation

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has said that he’s open to releasing Microsoft’s video game streaming service, Mixer, on other platforms including PlayStation. In case you’re not familiar with it, Mixer is the company’s answer to Twitch. It was previously known as Beam but underwent a name change as Microsoft wasn’t able to use its original name internationally.

When Twitter user Rayyan mentioned that Spencer had previously indicated to him that he was open to Mixer landing on other platforms, Spencer responded in the affirmative.

Mixer has introduced some interesting new features including co-streaming, which allows up to four players to combine their livestreams into a single viewer experience. “We want to empower gamers and everyone who wants to share their passion – whatever it may be – to create and share more easily than ever before across PC, console and mobile,” says Mixer co-founder Matt Salsamendi.

Would our readers want to try Mixer on PlayStation?