Open-World, Science-Fantasy Game ELEX Gets New Gameplay Trailer

THQ Nordic has just published a new gameplay trailer for its new action-adventure RPG ELEX, showing off more of the game’s characters, environments, enemies, and combat.

The new trailer for the open-world, science-fantasy games shows several characters, one of which looks like a medieval barbarian while the other looks like a futuristic mercenary, walking through some of the game’s environments.

The trailer also shows off a few other characters as well as some of the game’s combat which shows off what looks like a fireball launcher and a flamethrower being used to fight off giant lizards, a troll or giant, and other weird looking monsters.

ELEX is scheduled for release on the PlayStation 4 and other platforms later this year on October 17, 2017. ELEX, which was originally announced back in 2015, is one of the first games publisher THQ Nordic will be releasing since it changed its name from Nordic Games last year.

[Source: THQ Nordic (YouTube)]