Mass Effect Andromeda APEX Multiplayer Getting Platinum Difficulty

BioWare has announced that it’ll be introducing Platinum difficulty to Mass Effect Andromeda‘s APEX multiplayer missions. You can check out a teaser below:

According to producer Fernando Melo, Platinum will be added in the next update but no further details are available at this time.

This addition comes not long after we heard reports that Andromeda will not be getting single-player DLC. Multiple sources familiar with the matter confirmed the news to Kotaku on condition of anonymity following the game’s lukewarm reception. Apparently, most of the studio has moved on to Electronic Arts’ other projects (including Star Wars Battlefront II and Anthem) while a core team remains to look after Andromeda‘s multiplayer and patch support.

BioWare and Electronic Arts have neither confirmed nor denied the aforementioned report.

We’ll make sure to share the details with you as soon as the next update drops.