Future Mass Effect Games Are Possible, Says BioWare GM

There have been a lot of concerns from fans over the recent developments of the Mass Effect series and if it will continue. From the series being put on hold to Andromeda not getting any single player DLC, it seems fairly obvious that BioWare is trying to distance itself from the sci-fi RPG series. However, Casey Hudson, BioWare General Manager, has expressed interest in seeing Mass Effect continue.

Hudson spoke briefly about Mass Effect in a tweet:

Let’s hope that the team can continue making the games they love in the future.

Mass Effect Andromeda got some flak at release, but was it deserved? Read our review to find out:

The Andromeda Initiative is a plan the Council cooked up to send tens of thousands of eager participants from most species (human, asari, turian, krogran, and salarian) to the Andromeda galaxy to settle. The Andromeda galaxy is two million light years away, effectively making this a one way trip. They leave in the year 2185, the year Mass Effect 2 began. There are no Mass Relays in Andromeda, which seems to be just fine as everyone has ships that fly faster than light (FTL). I’m not sure why this technology existed in 2185 but was only given to the Initiative; if they had shared it then perhaps they could have deactivated the Mass Relays and stopped the Reapers from coming at all.

But I’m digressing; the tale of Andromeda takes place 634 years after the start of the second Mass Effect game where these species from the Milky Way opt to settle in a brand new galaxy. Your mission as one of the Ryder twins is to pick up the Pathfinder role your father left behind and help all of these colonists settle in this strange new world. All they know about the galaxy is that there are potentially “seven golden worlds” they could possibly inhabit, all based upon data over 600 years ago at a two-million light year delay. Things have changed, and not for the better. The Heleus cluster they chose for settlement is plagued with dark energy webbings around the systems and very hostile aliens who want to shoot first and not ask any questions. If that wasn’t bad enough, all of the planets in the cluster are inhospitable, contrary to the outdated data they gathered 600 years ago.

Are you hoping to see the next Mass Effect game soon?