Fortnite 1.4.8 Patch Fixes Some Game Crashing Bugs

Epic Games has released a patch for Fortnite, bringing the game to version 1.4.8. This patch is solely for a few bug fixes, and Epic Games is still looking for the solution for a few other unusual bug issues. Fortnite is currently free to play and is in Early Access.

Here are the patch notes:



  • Fixed an end of match score bug that led to display of 0 XP gained. We’ve seen another issue causing 0 XP and are still investigating.
  • Fixed an issue where Xbox players were not shown a notice in the in-game client stating a new game patch was available
  • Fixed an AI-related server crash
  • Fixed an audio-related client crash
  • Corrected an issue caused by placing multiple defenders in a mission
  • Smoothed out hitching caused by placing a Level 30 BASE in a zone
  • Reduced the likelihood that players will experience sign-in errors during a Xbox Live service outage

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While it took me some time to really appreciate the building aspect of Fortnite, the way Epic has the player constantly working towards a goal immediately won me over. I always felt that each match was meaningful because once it was over I had either completed a story mission, leveled up my character, or unlocked a couple piñatas to break open for a bunch of new goodies. Never did a match end where I felt unsatisfied, and this is one of the finest examples of a game using a carrot on a stick to tempt the player into playing more. It also helps that there’s a ton to unlock in the game, as there are several layers of skill trees to go through, character classes to experiment, and the player can even send survivors off to fetch more building materials for them. Every idea here has been iterated upon, and it really shows.

Fortnite is available now on the PlayStation 4 via the PlayStation Network.

[Source: Epic Games]