Knack 2’s Commercial Will Get You Hyped

The wait for the highly-anticipated Knack 2 is almost over, but Sony doesn’t the game to slip your mind this close to release. They’ve released a TV commercial for the game today, giving a quick teaser of what precisely Knack will do to his foes. Knack 2 is about a week out from release, so we should expect the commercial to hit television networks soon.

Of course, we don’t have to wait to catch it on TV, as Sony also uploaded it to YouTube:

Chomping at the bit for more Knack 2 information? Make sure to check out our E3 hands-on preview:

One of the major criticisms from the first was a limited move set. Knack 2 adds new moves, combos, abilities, and a skill tree that allows players to upgrade moves that fit their particular style of play. Cerny and the team are very aware of the feedback and even poke fun at themselves as Knack learns a new move. “I can’t believe you saved this world, all you have is three punches and a kick,” a warrior monk tells Knack as he is given a new super punch. That kind of self-referential treatment tells players that their voices have been heard and these changes are for them.

There are also new gameplay mechanics that assist with more complex platform puzzle design. Knack can now drop and return his parts at will. Many segments and secrets require a smaller Knack to stand on a ledge or get through a narrow passage. Once you are through, you can call the parts back to return to Knack’s current full size. Knack’s health is directly proportional to his size though, so dropping parts may put you at risk for death.

Knack 2 will release September 5 on the PlayStation 4.