The Guardian of The Evil Within 2 is a Terrifying Sight

Bestheda has released a beta gameplay video for The Evil Within 2. This five minute video gives players the first close-up of the Guardian, a horrifying creature you’ll run across during the game. This hands on demo will be available at PAX West for convention goers to try, so they can personally meet the Guardian themselves.

Here’s Bestheda’s video of the footage:

Besthesda also provided a bit of flavor text for the video on their blog:

A breathless chase down a hallway. Echoing laughter and the whirring of a sawblade dogging your steps. If you’re brave enough to look behind you, you’ll see the maelstrom of body parts that make up the monstrous creature known as Guardian. Aside from a handful of brief glimpses in trailers, the recent hands-on demo for The Evil Within 2 was our first real up-close-and-personal encounter with Guardian, and those headed to PAX West will be next in line to meet her.

If you’re interested in The Evil Within 2, this story FAQ can help clear up some questions:

How did Sebastian get mixed up in all of this insanity?

It could appear to simply boil down to a case of “wrong place at the wrong time,” though the truth is decidedly more complicated than that. Sebastian’s involvement with Mobius began when he and his team began investigating a series of missing people at Beacon Mental Hospital – the same hospital were Mobius was developing STEM and performing twisted experiments to perfect the device for their own needs.

It was actually because of a Mobius agent that had been planted on Sebastian’s team that Sebastian was pulled into STEM at all.

The Evil Within 2 releases October 13 (which is a Friday, how perfect) on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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