Watch Cell Act Perfect in New Dragon Ball FighterZ Trailer

We’ve been getting a fair amount of character trailers for Dragon Ball FighterZ, so it’s only natural the most perfect being gets his own trailer. The latest character trailer is, of course, for Cell, and he’s ready to fight until some plucky adolescent strikes him down.

Here is the short trailer:

We’ve been getting a lot of information about Dragon Ball FighterZ, including how Story Mode works:

V-Jump reveals that the Story Mode is actually split into three separate scenarios. The main scenario has you following Goku and the Z-Warriors, the second has you taking over Freeza’s body while the final scenario has the players linking up with Android 18. The Freeza scenario looks to be the dedicated “gag” scenario, while Android 18’s scenario has her exploring “hidden memories” about her past. This will no doubt delve into how she and 17 met Dr. Gero and maybe her link to the mysterious Android 21.

As for what you do in Story Mode, players hop around a world map, defeating enemies and gaining XP as you go. You can use XP to either unlock special Story Mode only skills or simply to level your characters up to the highest point. If you use certain characters for long enough, you can start to listen in on their inner thoughts and hear what they’re really thinking.

Dragon Ball FighterZ will release February 2018 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. We will keep you in the loop on any new information on the fighter as it comes in!