Get a Preview of Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.15

Final Fantasy XIV’s next patch (4.15) will be out November 15, and Square Enix has provided a short preview of what’s to come of in the new patch. One of the bigger additions in this patch is a new PvP encounter, Rival Wings. But, Bard players may be more excited about the new Performance Actions to lighten up the realm with music.

Here’s an overview of Rival Wings:

On the forgotten fringes of the Dravanian hinterlands, there lie the remnants of a Sharlayan testing site known as Astragalos. With their boundless ingenuity, the goblins of Idyllshire have transformed the place into an expansive training ground. Here, brave adventurers can take control of mighty machina in large-scale war games reminiscent of battles against the Garlean Empire. A furious struggle for territorial supremacy awaits!

There’s not much about the Performance Actions, but here’s a preview regardless:

With harp in hand, use the Performance Actions to create your own masterpiece and bring the realm to life with the sound of music.

Amidst all this, there have been some issues with FFXIV’s housing properties. It’s not quite coming yet, but Yoshida promises some changes for this by patch 4.2:

While a great number of you were interested in either purchasing or relocating to a plot in Shirogane, we failed to prepare sufficient plots for players, and for that I deeply apologize.

This problem was only made worse by the increased stress on the servers from players rushing to log in after the end of maintenance. As a result, the system implemented to prevent players from abusing the relocation feature failed to function properly, preventing some players from relocating altogether.

Patch 4.15 will be out November 15.

[Source: The Lodestone]