Fortnite Hotfix Changing Assault Rifle Damage and Headshot Multipliers

On Monday, Epic Games released a Fortnite update that changed the Assault Rifle and SCAR weapons. In the two days since the update, they’ve heard the feedback from players about headshot multipliers, done internal testing of their own, and made some additional changes that will be released in a hotfix later today, just in time for the long Thanksgiving weekend.

You can read the November 22 Fortnite update hotfix patch notes below.

We recently released changes to the Assault Rifle and SCAR in Monday’s hotfix, and have been seeing a lot of discussion about headshot multipliers since then. After some internal testing we have decided to make some changes.

What’s changing?

  • Reduced Assault Rifle base damage.
    • Common reduced from 32 to 30.
    • Uncommon reduced from 33 to 31.
    • Rare reduced from 35 to 33.
    • Epic reduced from 37 to 35.
    • Legendary reduced from 39 to 36.
  • Reduced Assault Rifle headshot damage from 2.5x to 2.0x.
  • These changes do not affect the Scoped or Burst variants of the Assault Rifle.

We expect this hotfix to go live today, Nov 22, within a few hours (as of 5:30pm Eastern Time). A big thanks to everyone who participated in the discussions leading up to this change. Because of you, we were able to turn this around very quickly. Be sure to let us know what you think about these changes!

It’s admirable that Epic is so attentive to community feedback and can make these kinds of rapid changes to the game to help players get the most enjoyable and fair experience possible. It’s likely that Epic will continue to make adjustments based on community feedback and make frequent updates to change things.

The new Fortnite update, will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Are you happy with the latest hotfix? What are your first impressions of the changes they’re making? Let us know how you feel about the latest Fortnite update by leaving a message in the comments below!

[Source: Epic]