Gwent The Witcher Card Game Campaign and Full Release Delayed to 2018, Promise of More Frequent Updates

Although it’s been out for quite some time, the version of Gwent The Witcher Card Game that you can play right now is still in beta. The full game will feature a single-player campaign that was detailed back in August, called Thronebreaker. The Gwent campaign was originally expected to release this holiday, including taking the game out of beta and into full release, CD Projekt RED recently announced that it would be delayed into 2018.

CD Projekt RED co-founder Marcin Iwiński took to the Gwent site to update players on the release of the campaign, as well as mentioning that there will be more frequent updates and patches to the game.

We’ve decided to introduce changes to GWENT’s development roadmap, and I’d like to take a brief moment of your time to share them with you.
Thronebreaker, GWENT’s story-driven single player campaign, is moving to 2018. We decided to increase the campaign’s scope and need more time to work on it. Shifting release windows is always something we approach seriously, however, we’ll never hesitate to do it if we feel you’ll get a better game as a result. I would like to apologize everyone who planned to play Thronebreaker over the Holidays — I assure you that we will do our best to make the final game worth the additional wait.
Secondly, since 2018 is the year we plan to take GWENT out of beta, we’ll be increasing the tempo of multiplayer update releases. We want you to have more fun playing, but we also want to welcome new gamers into an already rolling multiplayer ecosystem. Expect content additions like cards, challenges, vanity items, but also game patches, and balance tweaks to be published more frequently.
The most exciting part of this is their commitment to updating the game and releasing more frequent content and balance tweaks to keep the game consistently fun for players. These kinds of lessons are ones that multiplayer game development studios need to take to heart.
We previewed Gwent: The Witcher Card Game back when it was first announced at E3 2016, seeing it as one of the best games of the entire show.

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game is going to be free to play, which is why it’s all the more surprising that CD Projekt RED went even further than just polishing up and balancing the game of gwent. They will have campaigns that will run 10+ hours and will tell more stories in The Witcher universe. If you thought Blood and Wine was going to be the last you heard of Geralt, you’ll be happy to know that Gwent’s campaigns will see him returning. These campaigns have an overworld that can be used to get additional cards for both the single player campaign matches and the online play. Oh yes, did I mention that Gwent has online competitive play?

It might be a little bit disappointing, but more often than not, delays are better for the final product. If a great studio like CDPR says that they need extra time to increase the scope of the campaign, then I’m happy to wait just a little bit longer for the full Gwent campaign and experience.