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Sample Songs from the NieR: Automata Arranged and Unreleased Tracks Album

One of the many highlights of NieR: Automata was its haunting and beautiful soundtrack. That’s why it’s no surprise that it’s getting a new album release filled with newly arranged and unreleased songs. It’ll be released December 20, 2017 in Japan, but players are now able to get a preview of all of the tracks over at Square Enix’s Japanese website. There are 20 tracks in total to check out, so make sure you check it out before deciding on whether or not to import the soundtrack.

You can view the full track list for the NieR: Automata Arranged and Unreleased Tracks albums below:

Disc 1 – Arranged Tracks

  1. “City Ruins” – Arranged by AJURIKA
  2. “Peaceful Sleep” – Arranged by Cheng Bi meets Masato Ishinari
  3. “Amusement Park” – Arranged by arai tasuku feat. momocashew from Mili
  4. “End of the Unknown” – Arranged by ATOLS
  5. “Pascal” – Arranged by Ryu Kawamura
  6. “Copied City” – Arranged by LITE
  7. “Mourning” – Arranged by Sachiko Miyano
  8. “Vague Hope” – Arranged by Takuro Iga
  9. “Song of the Ancients” – Arranged by Jun Hayakawa with Atsuki Yoshida
  10. “Emil” – Arranged by Morrigan & Lily
  11. “Alien Manifestation” – Arranged by Yutaka Oyama, Junichi Saito, Yusuke Shima, Jose Colon
  12. “Weight of the World” – Arranged by ZANIO

Disc 2 – Unreleased Tracks (By Keiichi Okabe)

  1. “Umare Dezuru Ishi/Kono Mama ja Dame”
  2. “Birth of a Wish/This cannot continue”
  3. “Umare Dezuru Ish/Kami ni Natta”
  4. “Birth of a Wish/Become a God”
  5. “Umare Dezuru Ishi/Shachou (Solo)”
  6. “Umare Dezuru Ishi/Shachou (Duet)”
  7. “Toritsuita Goubyou/ Kami ni Natta”
  8. “Possessed by Disease/Become a God”

The NieR: Automata Arranged and Unreleased Tracks album releases December 20, 2017 in Japan. It’s available for 2,800 yen.

If you’re interested in pre-ordering the album, you can do so at Play-Asia. You can also save $3 on orders by using the code “PSLIFE” when you checkout.

[Source: Siliconera]