The Surge: A Walk in the Park Trophy List Revealed

The A Walk in the Park expansion for The Surge releases tomorrow, and now we know that it’ll contain 10 trophies in total. These breakdown to eight bronze trophies to unlock, and two silver ones. There are slight spoilers (so don’t read on if you’re afraid of any) in the list, but nothing too major.

Check out The Surge: A Walk in the Park trophies below:


  • Is This Real Life?

    Survived rebooting the network in the Project Resolve Center
  • Carbon Cat vs Iron Maus

    Defeated Carbon Cat as Iron Maus


  • Squad Chief Helvig

    Defeated S&R Squad Chief Helvig
  • Carbon Cat

    Defeated Carbon Cat
  • Dress Up

    Collected and crafted all 4 mascot heads
  • New Gear

    Crafted all gear sets found in CREO World
  • No More Marching

    Killed all the mascots of the Popcorn Parade
  • Good Listener

    Collected all audionotes found in CREO World
  • Rusty Rat

    Saved Rusty Rat
  • 3-2-1

    Unlocked the Rusty Spring Tower

For more on the action role-playing game, check out our The Surge review. Here’s what our reviewer had to say:

Dying in The Surge simply brings players back to the level’s Safe Room but without all the Tech Scrap they had with them at the point of death. Players can go back to where they died to retrieve the Tech Scrap they lost but it’ll only be available for a limited time. But the game does help players in spite of dying by adding a Tech Scrap bonus for every enemy the player defeats on their way back to retrieve their fallen Tech Scrap.

Deck13 has built on the successes and mistakes of Lords of the Fallen and has created something that is able to not only stand toe-to-toe with the Souls franchise but is also capable of standing on its own with its unique identity. The new and different systems The Surge has introduced makes it an enjoyable and different experience for both newcomers to the genre and those who have already played Souls-like games previously. Deck13 has done a great job at combining the familiar and the new to create a unique vision that’s both fun and challenging.

The Surge is available now, and its A Walk in the Park expansion will release on December 5, 2017.

[Source: The Surge]